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Photography and Printing Services

Guido Frames is renowned for accepting only the highest quality in everything we do.


We are proud to announce a Fine Art reproduction and restoration service that meets even our exacting standards: an in-house studio, the highest level of capture and printing equipment available, and the adoption of a remarkable digital capture method: The Atelier Process.


The "Atelier Process" allows us to make giclee prints of paintings that can stand side-by-side in quality and color fidelity with the original work.


Working with photographers, printers and services that do not specialize in Fine Art reproduction can be frustrating and, ultimately, lead to less-than acceptable results.  The team we’ve assembled has more than 35 years’ experience in the highest 

quality reproduction – truly a world’s 




"I'm blown away.


 Just got the print. Hugely impressed. Thanks so much for the effort! Very top quality work, in fact better than anything I've seen to date from anyone."


- William Penniman Storck

Pricing Schedule for Photography and Printing Services


Level 1 Digital Capture: Web/Email


Color accurate photographic files for online display.  Output resolution up to 2000 pixels, sRGB color space.  Used for online, web and email purposes.


Size of Original

  • Up to 14” (longest dimension)                        $65

  • 15” to 24”                                                            $100

  • 25” to 30”                                                            $150

  • 31” to 48”                                                            $195

  • 49” to 72”                                                            $225

  • Over 73”                                                              by quote


Level 2 Digital Capture with Guide Print: Offset, Small-Sized Giclee Reproduction


Color corrected for print, with guide print included.  Output resolution up to 11 x 14” at 300ppi (if original is under 11 x 14”, resolution is 50% at 300ppi).  Files may be used for online as well as reduced size color-accurate printing.  Guide print may be used for color reference for giclee or offset printing purposes. Price varies by project.


Level 3 Digital Capture with Guide Print: Full-Sized Giclee Reproduction 


Color corrected for print, with guide print included.  Output resolution at original size, 300ppi.  Files may be used for any print reproduction up to life-size.  Guide prints may be used for color reference for any printing processes.  Reduced-size files are also available in addition to full-resolution, for web or print use. Price varies by project.



Restoration Services


Our restoration pricing depends on the size of the original and the work required. Please contact us for an estimate on your project.


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